Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ABS

ninja1000After nearly 10 seasons and more than 47,000 perfectly carefree miles on the Bandit I've made a change. Opting for newer technology, lighter weight, and better suspension, I've ridden my first 400 miles on the new Kawasaki Ninja 1000 with ABS.

I've added T-Rex frame and fork sliders just in case, mounted my Garmin Zumo 550 to the left brake clamp, installed a Givi topcase rack for the V46 case, and trimmed the rear fenderd down to a reasonable size.

So far the bike has proven amazing. The EFI means no choke to futz with on cold startup and beautiful fuelling from off-idle to redline. Power is linear and impressive. The handling is sharp and far more flickable than the heavier Bandit, even after its upgrades.

Drawbacks are fuel range, which I hope to remedy somewhat with taller gearing, and wind protection, which isn't as good as the Bandit's, particularly on my hands in the cool morning air. An aftermarket windscreen and maybe some seasonal hand guards could help. The really handy adjustment for the windscreen means I can have maximum protection or a cooling breeze as needed.

More to come.