Beta testing Universal Playground's Flickr Suite Extension for Joomla

After years of creating my own photo galleries I finally settled on Flickr Pro as a repository and server for this site. I can publish sets right from Lightroom, and there's a great Joomla extension that lets me load sets anywhere on the site with a snippet of markup: Flickr Suite from Universal Playground. 

After contacting the developer, Jasper Dik, about a duplicate billing issue (which was apparently my fault), I learned that he was in the process of building a new, responsive version of Flickr Suite. I offered to help test it and Jasper sent me his install packages. 

Really, the extension is past beta at this point. I'm currently running 5.0.0RC1 of the main plugin, and 2.0.0RC1 of the chrome plugin, which provides the styles and slideshow capability for the system. So far it's looking very good. There are a few admin panel and documentation tasks to wrap up, but the authentication process is vastly streamlined and gallery rendering is very good. 

Here's an example gallery showing a few from my kids' 2013 baseball season...

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