Coffeehouse Portfolio

It's been a while since I published photos here. I haven't created a set I thought worthy lately. To freshen things up a bit, here's a set I created to demonstrate the various themes and subjects I've shot over the years. Some of them may end up on display at my family's coffeehouse. Some of them have been published before, perhaps processed differently.

  • Dreary Duluth

    At first I was disappointed that our walk along Canal Park wouldn't be under the sunshine of the day before. As it turned out, the weather was a perfect complement to the icy, dirty condition of the lakeshore.

  • Old House

    I've always been fascinated--captivated--with abandoned prairie dwellings, and with cars in the woods with trees sprouting out of their gaping window frames. Who built them? Who patched leaky roofs to keep their families dry and rested there after a day's toil? And who left them behind? They all have stories that they'll never tell, but I stand and listen anyway.

  • Little Things Big

    It's enjoyable to see our universe from new perspectives, and a good one is up close. With a set of inexpensive extension tubes a favorite standard lens becomes a fantastic macro lens, bringing small things extremely close. Those are mainboard mounting screws. They're smaller then your little fingernail.

  • Wildlife

    I went back through my catalog and grabbed some of my favorite animal shots. I don't often go out specifically for wildlife, but I've had some lucky chance encounters while carrying my Canon.

  • Pioneer Days 2011

    For a second time we were invited to camp with some friends near Albany, Minnesota during the local Pioneer Days festival in September. It's full of really amazing machinery and period agricultural and industrial demonstrations.

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