I went back through my catalog and grabbed some of my favorite animal shots. I don't often go out specifically for wildlife, but I've had some lucky chance encounters while carrying my Canon.

  • Pioneer Days 2011

    For a second time we were invited to camp with some friends near Albany, Minnesota during the local Pioneer Days festival in September. It's full of really amazing machinery and period agricultural and industrial demonstrations.

  • A Few from the State Fair

    We had a great day at the 2011 Minnesota State Fair. I mostly photographed the kids on rides. Here are a few odds and ends that caught my eye.

  • A Walk in Quarry Park

    Jolene, Evan, Adrien and I took a walk at Quarry Park. It turned out to be a good day for macro stuff.

  • The Patriots

  • It was never really about us
    but I admit I was uneasy
    about being accepted, and permitted to honor

    The young man who wasn't the first
    to die, a mother's third son
    and the second she's lost.

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    I Shoot

    I shoot because the camera lets me find beauty. I don't create beauty very well, being rather unartistic, so I'm left to find it where it exists, often undetected or hidden, or fleeting in time. There's certainly satisfaction in capturing a moment that no one else ever will, and everything has another perspective waiting to be found.

    Of course, light is everthing to a photographer. It constantly changes, and I enjoy it best in the clouds. Little stirs me more than a dramatic sky, and the challenge is always to find a context for it. The sky by itself, however beautiful or dramatic, seems to lack a narrative without something beneath it to share the experience.

    I also get to play with some fun gadgetry. Currently I carry a Canon EOS 30D, a competent if not state-of-the-art body. In terms of image quality, it's phenomenal. Newer bodies offer more features, but rarely better photographs. My kit includes Canon's 50mm f/1.4, 70-200mm f/4 L, and 18-55 IS, a set of Kenko macro tubes, and the usual odds and ends.

    Thanks for looking.