Old world product on a fresh new site: European Cobblestone

screenshot-eurocobbleBill McKenna, my client from several previous projects, brought me a site in drastic need of an update. It was one of those from the late 90s--the era of that-web-technology-which-shall-not-be-named. Ok, it was built with Flash. And it was the worst kind of Flash site, with mystery meat navigation, brain-scratching event sounds, and nearly unreadable text in horizontally scrolling boxes. It was bad, and it reflected poorly on Bill. 

I set him up with a great Joomla 3 site built on a RocketTheme template. We scavenged images from his old site and some PDF brochure files. A color palette derived from his logo, a combination of modern and elegant type, and some heavy, two-tone image borders integrated into a flat design result in a modern presentation of his old-world product. The site looks great on desktop computers and mobile devices.


Aircraft recycling with flair

screenshot aeroartTim Zemanovic, owner of Aircraft Demolition, has started creating amazing furniture, sculpture, and other art pieces from the components he has at his disposal. I did some updates on his site, so he asked me to put together a new site for his aero art. 

We started with a Joomla 3 and RocketTheme foundation, then added K2 product handling and K2 Store for checkout and payment processing. The result is a beautiful, modern, screen-size-responsive site that shows his product very well. 


Phil Little's other other business

screenshot plgMy client Phil Little, for whom I've built several other sites over the past 4 years or so, called me when he wanted to start selling a modern part for a vintage military rifle. I don't recall whether it was his idea or mine to go with a single-page site, but it sure works well. All information on the product is instantly available without page switching.

Phil is old-school and likes to talk to his customers personally to make sure they're happy, so we didn't set up e-commerce. 


A rush job for RUSH Boutique

screenshot rushThe members of my family who operate Margo Mundi's just opened a new boutique store in downtown St. Cloud in very short order. They didn't have time yet to put together content for a full site, so I worked from the logo design (by my regular designer Kristina Sippel) and came up with this one-pager.

It's a Joomla 3 site, so it's all set up to add a blog, and I've installed a newsletter extension so they can start building a user list right away. 

(site no longer active due to company sale)

A web presence on short notice: GTI Companies

screenshot gtiMy father works as a construction superintendent, and when he learned of a local businessman's need for a website in a hurry, he suggested the gentleman contact me. Glen did, and after a few days of design and content back-and-forth we had put together a respectable representation of his company. 

Building on Joomla's latest stable 3.0.x release, we started with a template by RocketTheme and worked out a logo graphic, coordinating colors, some suitable copy and lots of project photos. Descriptions of projects and mention of some of GTI's more prominent local customers help them stand out from the crowd. We'll continue to add content and refine Glen's message down the road. 


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