Guang Ming Academy

Guang Ming Academy at Madison ElementaryMy son is in a Chinese immersion kindergarten class, and I'm active on the parents' committee. It became clear that publicity and the correction of misperceptions was needed, so we came up with a plan and I built this Drupal site.

It features individual blogs, a news section, and an events calendar.

Anna Marie's Alliance

Anna Marie's AllianceAfter overhearing a conversation at a summer picnic, I introduced myself and formed a friendship with Jacque French of Anna Marie's Alliance. She had been saying how they needed to update their aging website, but had little money to do so. I volunteered to build them a new site at no cost.

Drupal was selected as the content management system (CMS) for this project due to its maturity and flexibility. It's open-source and free. Considering the scale of the project, we chose to save some time by repurposing a stock Drupal template and modifying it to our needs. Now, the staff at Anna Marie's can add articles and events easily without desktop sofware and with very little training or support needed.

Lucky Penny Studio

Lucky Penny StudioI've been working with graphic designer Kristina Sippel for quite a few years on projects for Art Buhs Construction, Margo Mundi's, and others, and when she needed a website of her own she dropped me a line.

We implemented the Joomla CMS to allow Kristina to update and edit her site down the road. We also installed an attractive Flash-based image rotator to showcase some of her work.

The Chic Tailor

The Chic TailorThe Chic Tailor is a word-of-mouth project thanks to Kristina Sippel of Lucky Penny Studio. It's a very simple site with no CMS and just a few pages. We implemented a custom font to carry through the style the owner desired.

[site no longer active]

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